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Flooring Measurements

First let’s figure your square footage. Measure the length and width of each room.
Multiply the length times the width.

Room 1: 15 x 11 = 165s.f.

Room 2: 13 x 16 = 208s.f.

Total: 165 + 208 = 373s.f.
A safe waste factor is 10% so add that to your square footage 
373x1.1 = 410 s.f.
Good carpet installed with 8 lb. pad is $1.95s.f. 
410x$1.95= $799.50
Better carpet installed with 8 lb. pad is $3.50s.f. 
Best carpet installed with 8 lb. pad is $4.50s.f. 
Laminate starts at $4.50s.f. Installed 
Hardwood starts at $6.85s.f. Installed 
Porcelain Tile $10.00 s.f. Installed 
Abbey Carpet & Tile offers Carpet, Hardwood, Tile, Stone, Laminate, Vinyl, Area Rugs, & Window Fashions in the Greater Northglenn Area